So the story is this scientist created the Auto Memory Dolls, robots built to assist his blind wife in writing her novels. That's love right? Well of course the govt./military sees the opportunity to create a new militarized weapon. Don't really know much more than this as I haven't read the light novels, but i'm very excited for this. the animation alone looks hypnotizing.


Heard about the netflix adaption a while back and have been hyped every since. The story follows a guy named Killy with this crazy ass weapon as he searches for human with these specific genes. The manga came out in the late 90's and is by the guy who did Knights of Sidonia. If you're looking for a crazy cyberpunk adventure then keep an eye out for this one.


This year, DAY - OFF is heading to Anime Matsuri! This is our first year vending at such an event and we hope to be documenting the journey. We're looking forward to (hopefully) starting a video project documenting the work and events leading up to the main event. More details coming soon so stay up to date with the shit that goes down via


Today's featured music is Idealism who hails from Finland. Their album Hiraeth was released recently and it's described as
              "a deep. wistful, nostalgic sense of longing for home; a yearning grief for people and things long gone"

This album will put you in your feels and not a single word is spoken. Hiraeth is melancholic yet beautiful piece of art that brings a sense of peace to your soul. It really makes you want to be home (as in a safe peaceful place) that just gives you the warm and fuzzies. Check out their other albums for a more hiphop vibes and chill beats. 

Idealism - HIRAETH [ep]