#tbt Anime Matsuri

Shout outs to one of the best experiences we've ever had. Especially to all the new faces who came thru and showed some love. Super happy to have met all of you.  #thegoldkuramaisnotforsalelol


EP. 2_ETHOS (teaser)

if you didn't know we were at Anime Matsuri this weekend and debuted the Ethos collection. The feedback from the crowd there was amazing. If you didn't get a chance to cop any at the con. there will be an online drop coming in the next couple of weeks.

this vid features only pt.1 of the collection.



So the story is this scientist created the Auto Memory Dolls, robots built to assist his blind wife in writing her novels. That's love right? Well of course the govt./military sees the opportunity to create a new militarized weapon. Don't really know much more than this as I haven't read the light novels, but i'm very excited for this. the animation alone looks hypnotizing.


Heard about the netflix adaption a while back and have been hyped every since. The story follows a guy named Killy with this crazy ass weapon as he searches for human with these specific genes. The manga came out in the late 90's and is by the guy who did Knights of Sidonia. If you're looking for a crazy cyberpunk adventure then keep an eye out for this one.